Migratory Sound

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Sara Lupita Olivares
October 2020
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Winner, 2020 CantoMundo Poetry Prize

“This is a rare, evocative, and haunting book. For its sparse song of indwelling in landscapes of austerity; for its understanding of description as a function subordinate to wakefulness of mind, for its process of perception that splits the difference between animal and oblivion, habit and habitat, doubt and debt—I found myself returning again and again to its atmospheric method of knowing; to its structure of restraint and elegance.”
—Roberto Tejada, 2020 CantoMundo Poetry Series guest judge

Migratory Sound glances back to generational narratives of immigration, moving from south to north exploring seasonal field work and factory labor. By looking to ancestral narratives of Mexican American immigrants, the poems examine spatial and geographic boundaries and linguistic and mental intersections.”
—Carolina Ebeid and Carmen Giménez Smith, series editors, from the preface

Sara Lupita Olivares is the author of Field Things. Her poems have appeared in Gulf Coast Magazine, Salt Hill Journal, Denver Quarterly, Apogee, and elsewhere. She lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Latinx poets remain underrepresented in both US poetry and Latin American poetry despite their longstanding presence and influence within both of these literary traditions. The CantoMundo Poetry Series endeavors to expand this representational space by showcasing work by contemporary US-based Latinx poets from across the linguistic, aesthetic, stylistic, and cultural spectrum in which they write. The series is open to all US-based Latinx writers—not just those who have been or are currently CantoMundo Fellows—regardless of citizenship status or previous publication record. The series values the traditions and communities from which contemporary Latinx poets emerge while also encouraging an engagement with innovative Latinx aesthetics and poetics.

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