Canto Mundo Poetry Series

Latinx poets remain underrepresented in both US poetry and Latin American poetry despite their longstanding presence and influence within both of these literary traditions. The CantoMundo Poetry Series endeavors to expand this representational space by showcasing work by contemporary US-based Latinx poets from across the linguistic, aesthetic, stylistic, and cultural spectrum in which they write. The series is open to all US-based Latinx writers—not just those who have been or are currently CantoMundo Fellows—regardless of citizenship status or previous publication record. The series values the traditions and communities from which contemporary Latinx poets emerge while also encouraging an engagement with innovative Latinx aesthetics and poetics.

The inaugural winner, in 2017, was Jacob Shores-Argüello for his collection Paraíso.
The 2018 winner was Ángel García, for his collection Teeth Never Sleep.
The 2019 winner was Gina Franco, for her collection The Accidental.
The 2020 winner was Sara Lupita Olivares for her collection Migratory Sound.

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