Fishes of Arkansas

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Second Edition
Henry W. Robison and Thomas M. Buchanan
994 pages, 8 ½ × 11, over 1,000 images, index
978-1-68226-103-3 (cloth)
March 2020


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The second edition of Fishes of Arkansas, in development for more than a decade, is an extensive revision and expansion of the first edition, including reclassifications, taxonomic changes, and descriptions of more than thirty new species.

An invaluable reference for anyone interested in the state’s fish population—from professional ichthyologists, fisheries biologists, and managers of aquatic resources, to amateur naturalists and anglers—this new edition provides updated taxonomic keys as well as detailed descriptions, photographs, and line drawings to aid identification of the state’s 241 fish species. There is also much information on the distribution and biology of each species, including descriptions of habitat, foods eaten, reproductive biology, and conservation status.

This project and the preparation of this publication was funded in part by a grant from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Henry W. Robison is professor emeritus of biology at Southern Arkansas University.

Thomas M. Buchanan is professor of biology at the University of Arkansas–Fort Smith.

Full contents (PDF)

1. Arkansas Fishes: Diversity, Derivation, and Zoogeography
2. History of Ichthyology in Arkansas
3. The Environmental Setting
4. Classification and Systematics
5. Conservation of Arkansas Fishes
6. Organization of the Chapters Containing Species Accounts
7. How to Identify a Fish
8. Order Petromyzontiformes—Lampreys
9. Order Acipenseriformes—Sturgeons and Paddlefishes
10. Order Lepisosteiformes—Gars
11. Order Amiiformes—Bowfins
12. Order Hiodontiformes—Mooneyes
13. Order Anguilliformes—Eels
14. Order Clupeiformes—Herrings
15. Order Cypriniformes—Minnows, Carps, Loaches, and Suckers
16. Order Siluriformes—Catfishes
17. Order Osmeriformes—Smelts
18. Order Salmoniformes—Trout, Salmon, and Whitefish
19. Order Esociformes—Pikes and Mudminnows
20. Order Percopsiformes—Trout-Perches
21. Order Mugiliformes—Mullets
22. Order Atheriniformes—Silversides
23. Order Cyprinodontiformes—Killifishes, Topminnows, Livebearers, and Toothcarps
24. Order Anabantiformes—Labyrinth Fishes
25. Order Scorpaeniformes—Mail-Cheeked Fishes
26. Order Perciformes—Perches and Relatives

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