Fishing Arkansas


A Year-Round Guide to Angling Adventures in the Natural State
Keith Sutton
78-1-55728-623-9 (paper)
July 2000


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Fishing Arkansas is a comprehensive guide to the angling opportunities that the Natural State offers to its 500,000–700,000 licensed fisherman as well as to visitors to the state. In addition to conveying the very drama and excitement of the fishing experience itself, the month-by-month organization of the book allows the reader a detailed look at the life histories of many Arkansas sport fish, the best lakes and streams in which to find them, and the most successful tactics and tackle to use.

Enhanced by Sutton’s excellent photographs, the guide includes twelve sections on popular game fish, such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, catfish, bluegill, and trout. It also provides an introduction to often-overlooked species like bowfin, gar, carp, paddlefish, and pickerel. Hundreds of valuable fishing tips gleaned from decades of on-the-water experience and interviews with dozens of guides, biologists, and expert anglers enhance the engaging narrative. From the glistening trout in the cold tailwaters of the White River, to feisty catfish on the muddy bayou bottoms of the Delta region, Keith Sutton has served up a tempting array of the fish that can be sought and caught on hook and line in the teeming waters of Arkansas.

Keith B. Sutton has fished the lakes and streams of Arkansas for more than thirty-five years. The editor of Arkansas Wildlife Magazine and a frequent contributor to such outdoor publications as Field & Stream, North American Fisherman, Bassin’, and Crappie World, he lives with his family in Alexander, Arkansas, and serves as state fishing records coordinator for the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. He is also the author of Hunting Arkansas.

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“Keith Sutton’s skills as a wordsmith and storyteller warm each selection. . . . [H]is individual literary voice makes for fun, informative, and sometimes touching reading.”
—Cliff Shelby, Outdoor Communications

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