DC Sports would be a useful addition to undergraduate courses in sports history, sociology, and African American studies.”
Journal of Sport History, Summer 2016


“Swanson and Wiggins have assembled a collection of ambitious scope and compelling topics that will interest scholars and laypersons alike.”
Journal of Sport History, Fall 2017


“With nearly two dozen scholars, sportswriters, and journalists (many with personal ties to the Baltimore area) covering sports from horse racing, football, and tennis to lacrosse, basketball, and swimming, as well as figures such as Orioles manager Earl Weaver and pugilist Joe Gans, Baltimore Sports emerges as one of the most ambitious volumes yet in Arkansas’ Sport, Culture, and Society series. … Baltimore Sports is more than stories about athletes and stadiums; the essays, whether elegiac, redemptive, or vindictive, intersect with labor history, urban planning, gender studies, race relations, sports writing, and personal memory, making the work equal to (if not broader than) the series’ aforementioned volumes. With such range, this collection will appeal to both academic and popular audiences”
Journal of Sport History, Spring 2018