Book cover image for Rooted Resistance.

Kimberly Behzadi at Food Tank has shared a list of 22 fall books. Behzadi writes, “these 22 books provide insight into food access and justice in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities, the injustices women face in the culinary world, the effects of technology on our global supply chain, and the relationship between climate change and food production.”

Among the list of worth books is Rooted Resistance: Agrarian Myth in Modern America by Ross Singer, Stephanie Houston Grey, and Jeff Motter, part of the University of Arkansas Press’s Food and Foodways Series.

Through a careful examination of several case studies, Rooted Resistance traverses the ground of agrarian myth in modern America. The authors investigate key figures and movements in the history of modern agrarianism, including the World War I victory garden efforts, the postwar Country Life movement for the vindication of farmers’ rights, the Southern Agrarian critique of industrialism, and the practical and spiritual prophecy of organic farming put forth by J. I. Rodale. This critical history is then brought up to date with recent examples such as the contested South Central Farm in urban Los Angeles and the spectacular rise and fall of the Chipotle “Food with Integrity” branding campaign.

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