When the Wolf CameThe Fort Worth Civil War Round Table is pleased to announce that Mary Jane Warde is the winner of the 2014 A. M. Pate, Jr. Award in Civil War History for her book When the Wolf Came: The Civil War in the Indian Territory. The Pate Award is given each year to the book chosen by an independent Committee of FWCRT members that represents the best new work on the Trans-Mississippi sector of the Civil War.

When the Wolf Came explores how the war in the Indian Territory involved almost every resident, killed many civilians as well as soldiers, left the country stripped and devastated, and cost Indian nations millions of acres of land. Using a solid foundation of both published and unpublished sources, including the records of Cherokee, Choctaw and Creek nations, Mary Jane Warde details how the coming of the Civil War set off a wave of migration into Kansas, the Red River Valley and Texas. She also describes how Indian troops in Union regiments or as Confederate allies were involved in an almost continuous series of skirmishes and battles that often crossed tribal lines or were intensified by a long history between tribes. She also shows how postwar actions of the Federal government caused massive relocations and loss of tribal lands.

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