Sundancers and River Demons


Essays on Landscape and Ritual
Conger Beasley, Jr.
978-1-55728-130-2 (paper)
February 1990


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“Beasley’s travel essays are splendid, thoughtful, resonate snapshots of people, ideas and places. Conger Beasley sensitively and wisely instructs us that the spirit of place is always the spirit of the people, held like a hand cupped rose in the memory, long after the visit is over.”
—Andrew Salkey

Conger Beasley Jr. is the author of a number of books, including Patagonia: Wild Land at the End of the Earth; Spanish Peaks; We Are a People in the World: The Lakota Sioux and the Massacre at Wounded Knee; and Sundancers and River Demons: Essays on Landscape and Ritual, winner of the Thorpe Menn Award for Literary Achievement.

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