Natural State Notables


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About this book

Everyone, including native Arkansans, may be surprised to find out how many famous and fascinating people come from or have strong ties to the state. Natural State Notables profiles twenty-one such people, including musicians, athletes, business leaders, and public servants.


Readers will learn about a famous surgeon who was a pioneer in kidney transplantation, a woman who kept a hospital open during the Depression, and a teacher who wrote a famous song to match a history lesson. Featured are poor people who worked hard to become successful and a rich man who moved to Arkansas, fell in love with the state, and made it better. All of these people are “Natural State Notables” who helped make Arkansas what it is today.

About the author

Steven Teske is an archivist at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, and he teaches history at the Arkansas State University. He is the author of Unvarnished Arkansas and the coauthor of Homefront Arkansas.


Distributed for the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.