A Captive Audience


Voices of Japanese American Youth in World War II Arkansas
Edited by Ali Welky
124 pages, 25 photographs and illustrations
7″ x 10″
978-1-935106-86-9 (paper)
October 2015


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Using archival primary material such as photographs, yearbooks, artwork, and first-person written accounts, A Captive Audience gives an inside look at the experiences of young people at the Rohwer and Jerome Relocation Centers in Arkansas during the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Many young internees at the camps saw their families lose their homes, businesses, and possessions on the West Coast when the U.S. government rounded up people of Japanese descent after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Yet through all the chaos and heartbreak of the internment experience, young people often brought a unique perspective of hope and resiliency. Intended for young-adult readers, this book explores important dimensions of Arkansas and U.S. history, including human rights and what it means to be an American.

Ali Welky holds an MA in English literature from the University of Central Arkansas and is the assistant editor of the online Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture. She lives in Conway, Arkansas with her husband and two children.

Distributed for Butler Center Books.

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