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It’s About Time

Fred Hall

Published Date: January 1, 1996

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The Dave Brubeck Story
240 pages

About this book

Including an extensive annotated discography, It’s About Time is much more than an upbeat examination of the Brubeck phenomenon. It is also a penetrating view of the culture, the music, the musicians, the recording industry, the country, and the century that gave birth to jazz.


“Pianist and composer Dave Brubeck led a jazz quartet that produced the pop hit “Take Five” and achieved acclaim during the 1950s and 1960s. Hall, a veteran radio broadcaster, writes a fan’s account of Brubeck’s personal journey from boyhood up through international celebrity. Through interviews with Brubeck and others, we hear tales of “life on the road,” meet Bru’s peers, and learn something about his music, mostly about his later orchestral works. Questions about Brubeck’s entire musical corpus and its place in jazz are better answered in Ilse Storb’s Dave Brubeck: Improvisations and Compositions (Peter Lang, 1994). Hall’s discography lists American-issued recordings but excludes the many European releases and reissues. Appropriate for general audiences.”

Library Journal (Paul Baker, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison)

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