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Changeable Thunder

Poems by David Baker

Published Date: August 1, 2001

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104 Pages
5.5" x 8.5"

About this book

Changeable Thunder marks David Baker’s emergence as a major contemporary poet. To his abiding sense of the Midwest—its politics, people, and landscapes—Baker adds a powerful historical dimension, with poems ranging from Puritan New England to the modern subway. Of particular note are poems on the works of other writers, as he reanimates Shelley’s letters, Samuel Sewall’s diaries, and Walt Whitman’s novel. With brilliant technique, dazzling formal variety, and moving intimacy, Baker’s poems explore personal illness, erotic and familial passion, artistic creation, and the constant work and changing weather of one man’s life.

About the author

David Baker is a professor of English at Denison University.


“The poems collected here are supple and capacious, revitalizing in their engagements with American consciousness and American vernaculars. . . . Baker writes with the distilled, distinguished attentiveness only the finest poets can reliably command.”

—Linda Gregerson, author of Negative Capability: Essays on Contemporary American Poetry


“David Baker’s eye on nature is unblinking, and his observations delicate and accurate, but his eye on human intimacies and interactions is just as clear. For me, he is the most expansive and moving poet to come out of the American Midwest since James Wright.”

—Marilyn Hacker, author of Squares and Courtyards: Poems

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