“The machinations of the role of sport throughout America’s Cold War battles is both familiar and unexplored territory, something that this fine edited collection makes clear. With this set of probing essays, the editors Toby C. Rider and Kevin B. Witherspoon unpack many untold stories of the sports battles waged between the United States and the Society—and their many satellites—in the decades following World War II. … The book benefits greatly from the multiple perspectives of the diverse array of writers corralled by Rider and Witherspoon, all of whom offer important and intersectional lenses with which to demonstrate why the role of sports in Cold War politics is still a vibrant and critical field for exploration, from the identity politics of race and gender to the anticommunist hysterias that saturated American life.”
—Amy Bass, The Journal of American History, December 2019

“This volume…makes an important contribution to a growing body of work on the cultural Cold War competition for hearts and minds. The volume will also be of interest to scholars in a number of fields, including history, political science, and cultural studies.”
—Jenifer Parks, The Journal of Arizona History, Autumn 2019