“This edited volume breaks new ground in exploring decolonial movements connecting food to territory, subsistence, labor, local knowledge, memory, and identity. … The book serves as an outstanding model in methodology, combining narrative and life history, recipes, theory, and poetry and blurring ‘the lines between activism, scholarship, farming, cooking, and eating.’”
Summing up: Essential. Upper-division undergraduates and above.
—C.M. Kovic, Choice Reviews, August 2018


“This thoughtful, engrossing text is an ethnographic exploration that ranges beyond a discussion of sugaring, as Vermonters call the extraction and processing of maple sap to produce maple syrup and sugar. Lange’s approach thoughtfully considers economics, environment, and cultural identity to present an interdiciplinary analysis of an often-fantasized but little-understood industry. … A fine addition to any academic institution that has programs in food science or cultural anthropology.”
Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty.
—J. Cummings, Choice Reviews, August 2018


Food and Foodways Series