Life in our community, much as it is around the world, feels like a dramatically altered state, and we understand how unsettling the uncertainty can be. As in-person classes and gatherings on our campus come to a halt and plans to travel and coordinate events change indefinitely, operations may seem generally suspended, but work continues. Our editors continue to look for and develop exciting new manuscripts, our production team still manages a schedule of active titles and plans for their upcoming publication, marketers continually look for new opportunities to publicize and connect the work of our authors with eager audiences, and fulfillment and distribution departments continue to manage inventory and deliver titles to bookstores, libraries, and customers around the world.

The coronovirus pandemic is a historic event that will leave an indelible mark on our society, and responding to it with intelligence and prudence is crucial to the emotional health and physical safety of our friends and coworkers. We’re all working differently, seeking innovative ways to be responsible citizens in dangerous times, and the challenges posed by these unprecedented circumstances have certainly felt daunting to all of us. But bookmaking goes on, readers and writers persist, and our commitment to bringing people together through the power of the written word continues.