The Caged Bird


The Life and Music of Florence B. Price
Produced by James Greeson
Associate Producer – Dale Carpenter
Narrated by Julia Sampson
60 minutes
978-1-68226-006-7 (DVD)
September 2015

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Born in 1887 in Little Rock, Arkansas to extraordinary parents, Florence B. Price became the first African-American woman to have her music performed by a major symphony orchestra when the Chicago Symphony premiered her Symphony at the 1933 World’s Fair. Price’s remarkable achievements during the racist “Jim Crow” era were a testament to her gifts. This is the inspiring story of one woman’s triumph over prejudice and preconceptions.

In addition to the 57 minute feature film it includes six bonus features of fine performances of recently discovered Florence Price compositions and a commentary about the recent discovery of Price materials which are part of the Florence Price collection at the University of Arkansas.

Photo courtesy of U of Arkansas Libraries – Special Collections Dept.

The Caged Bird is available to buy or rent on Vimeo.

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