The Blood of Abraham


Insights into the Middle East
Third Edition, Revised Afterword by the Author
Jimmy Carter


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Since his earliest days in the White House, Jimmy Carter has demonstrated an untiring passion for pursuing peace in the Middle East. His formation of the Carter Center and his continuing prominent role in world affairs has done nothing to dampen that passion. In this new edition with an updated afterword and chronology, President Carter demystifies the history of the political expectations of each nation in the Middle East, the reasons for their different goals, and the nature of their prime concerns. His landmark study provides an enlightened and reconciling vision for all—Jews, Muslims, and Christians—who share the blood of Abraham.

“The book’s main lesson is one that Carter taught so well at Camp David: that adversaries in the Middle East can make giant steps toward peace if America’s president acts as a ‘trusted mediator’ and an ‘unwavering, enthusiastic’ partner in the process.”

“A caring, well-researched and closely informed book . . . can be read by the non-expert without fear of arcane overload, yet can be read profitably by experts for its clearness of thought.”
Atlanta Journal and Constitution

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