The Arkansas Delta


Land of Paradox
Edited by Jeannie Whayne and Willard B. Gatewood
978-1-55728-465-5 (paper)
December 1993


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This collection of essays represents a large-scale attempt to characterize the long-neglected Arkansas Delta. The historical, social, economic, geographic, and cultural issues the authors address make it abundantly clear that the Delta—long thought to be a land of relative stasis—is actually changing quite rapidly. It is clear, too, that this strange land is filled with haunting contradictions.

1994 Virginia C. Ledbetter Prize

“A worthwhile contribution to the literature of the Mississippi River delta, these ten essays provide a fresh and overdue focus on Arkansas, which has usually been overshadowed by Louisiana and Mississippi in studies of the region, and will enlighten and entertain both scholars and laypersons. Among the topics are geography, social history, civil war, ethnicity, rural and urban experiences, and the unique problems of women and African Americans.”
—Tom Forgey, The Journal of Southern History, February 1995

“This collection of ten essays on the Delta region of Arkansas is richly researched and stimulating. … The Arkansas Delta provides the reader with excellent maps, tables, and photographs. This work will be of value to both scholars and the larger society.”
—LeRoy T. Williams, The Journal of American History, December 1994