Salty Old Editor


An Adventure in Ink
Charlotte Tillar Schexnayder
978-1-935106-36-4 (paper)
June 2012


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Charlotte Tillar Schexnayder and her husband, Melvin, owned the Dumas Clarion newspaper, an influential voice in the life and politics of the Arkansas Delta, and Schexnayder later served for fourteen years in the Arkansas House of Representatives. She was a pioneer in helping to open the professions of politics and journalism to women. Salty Old Editor is the story of how Schexnayder overcame the many challenges she faced with abundant humor and grace—and with ink on her fingers.

Charlotte Tillar Schexnayder received a bachelor of arts degree from Louisiana State University, where she also studied in graduate school. The first woman appointed to the Arkansas Board of Pardons and Parole, Schexnayder has been president of every professional journalism organization in which she was a member, including the National Federation of Press Women and the National Newspaper Association. She lives in Dumas, Arkansas.

Distributed for the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.