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Adolphine Fletcher Terry and the Progressive South
Stephanie Bayless
978-1-935106-32-6 (cloth)
September 2011


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Author Stephanie Bayless examines why this Southern aristocratic matron, the daughter of a Confederate soldier, tirelessly devoted herself to improving the lives of others and, in so doing, became a model for activism across the South. It is the first work of its kind to consider Terry’s lifelong commitment to social causes and is written for both traditional scholars and all those interested in history, civil rights, and the ability of women to create change within the gender limits of the time. Adolphine Fletcher Terry died in Little Rock, Arkansas, in July of 1976, at the age of ninety three. Her life was a monument to progress in the South, particularly in her native state of Arkansas, a place she once described as “holy ground.”

Stephanie Bayless holds a master’s degree in public history from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She is a certified archivist and currently works in the Manuscripts Division of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies. Bayless lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with her husband, daughter, and son.

Distributed for the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.