Moon City Review 2010


An Annual of Poetry, Story, Art, and Criticism
Edited by Lanette Cadle, Marcus Cafagña, and Eric Pervukhin
978-0-913785-30-0 (paper)
August 2010


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Moon City Review will certainly be worth keeping an eye on.”
—Sima Rabinowitz, in NewPages

The 2010 volume of Moon City Review takes “speculative futures” as its special theme, emphasizing utopian, diastopic, sci-fi and fantasy literature and criticism. In addition, MCR 2010 includes original poetry by Jim Daniels, Jeannine Hall Gailey, and Alysse Hotz; fiction by Juned Subhan, Nancy Gold, Ted Chiles, and Pete Duval; criticism by Landis Duffett; and creative nonfiction by Julie Platt. The “Archival Treasures” section continues its exploration of Ozarks-born artist and creator of the Kewpie, Rose O’Neill. New to this volume is a translations section, which includes Hernan Mugoya’s short story, “El Fantasma,” translated by Nikki Settlemeyer; and poetry by Per Aage Brandt, translated by Thomas Satterlee.

Lanette Cadle is associate professor of English at Missouri State University.

Marcus Cafagña is associate professor of English at Missouri State University.

Eric Pervukhin is professor in the Department of Art and Design at Missouri State University. His book designs and varied artwork have won national awards and international recognition.

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