I Was Waiting to See What You Would Do First

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Angie Mazakis
104 pages, 5 ½ × 8 ½
978-1-68226-134-7 (paper)
March 2020


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Finalist, 2020 Miller Williams Poetry Prize

In the same way that the speaker in these poems often seems itinerant, lacking a place or person to call home, the poems themselves have their own roaming quality. The reader is moved somewhere unexpected, the poems seem to shapeshift or suddenly beckon from somewhere else, or they may zoom into focus. Like a succession of Russian dolls, the poems open toward and magnify the concealed, removed, or forgotten. Throughout, whether from cosmic or microscopic perspective, the details here are handled tenderly, and these poems, even with their constant sense of mobility, return to and are anchored by the familiarly human.

Supported by the Miller and Lucinda Williams Poetry Fund.

Angie Mazakis’s poems have appeared in The New Republic, Boston Review, The Iowa Review, Best New Poets, Washington Square Review, Columbia Journal, and Lana Turner Journal. She is a doctoral student in creative writing at Ohio University.

“There are no apparent limits to the imaginative reach of Angie Mazakis.”
—Billy Collins, series editor