From Azaleas to Zydeco


My 4,600-Mile Journey through the South
Mark W. Nichols
978-1-935106-65-4 (paper)
February 2014


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Inspired by a 1937 map and travelogue of a newspaperman’s tour, author Mark W. Nichols embarked on his own long journey into the unique cities of the South. En route he met beekeepers, cheese makers, crawfish “bawlers,” duck callers, and a licensed alligator hunter, as well as entrepreneurs and governors. His keen observations encompass the southern states from Virginia to Arkansas and points south, and he unpacks the unique qualities of every city he visits.
“It’s easy to say that getting to meet so many interesting and wonderful people was the best part of the journey–because it’s true,” Nichols writes. “I know there are friendly people everywhere, but southern friendliness is different.” His story embraces a wealth of southern charm from local characters, folklore, and customs to food, music, and dancing. Besides being just plain fun to read, Nichols’s account of his journey gives readers a true taste of the flavor of the evolving modern South.

Mark W. Nichols was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. He graduated with a BA in economics from Hanover College in Indiana. He received his law degree from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville in 1977 and received an LLM from New York University in 1980. Nichols has spent most of his life in the South and now lives in Little Rock with his wife, Cheri, a historic preservationist. Their son, Will, lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Distributed for the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.