Bill Clinton on Stump, State, and Stage


The Rhetorical Road to the White House
Edited by Stephen A. Smith
978-1-55728-372-6 (paper)
July 1994


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Outstanding scholars of political communication examine President Clinton’s campaign—his words, texts, and the dynamics of his ability to inspire the public as “the man from Hope.”

“Bill Clinton, on Stump, State, and Stage: The Rhetorical Road to the White House is both intellectual and irrelevant, while at the same time being informative and engaging. Too few books regarding politics, or any other subject, combine these qualities as successfully as this well-edited, well- put-together collection.”
—James Carville, President Clinton’s 1992 Campaign Manager

“These eighteen essays offer deliciously diverse but consistently eloquent assessments of Bill Clinton’s political communication. Their rich blend of astute analysis and lucid writing provides an exciting, insightful range of perspectives on the process by which this man from Arkansas became the man in the White House.”
—Kathleen J. Turner, Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Communication, Tulane University, author of Lyndon Johnson’s Dual War: Vietnam and the Press