The Saga of the USS Arkansas
Ray Hanley and Steven Hanley
210 pages, 150 photographs
8 ½” x 11″
978-1-935106-78-4 (paper)
March 2015


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While little has been written about the USS Arkansas, this battleship carried the state’s name through two world wars, a Mexican invasion, and into the atomic age. The USS Arkansas, measuring almost the length of two football fields, went to sea in 1911 and sailed the world until 1946 when it served as a target for the atomic bomb tests in the South Pacific. In between, the ship participated in the invasion of Vera Cruz, Mexico; served in World War I; helped Arkansas get an official flag; and assisted in the World War II battles at Normandy, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Highlighting the narrative with previously unpublished photos, the authors tell the fascinating story of the ship and its men by referencing handwritten journals penciled in the midst of service and combat.

Ray Hanley and Steven Hanley have published numerous books based on their research of Arkansas history through vintage postcards and photographs, including Main Street Arkansas. They both live in Little Rock.

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