Farther Along


The World of Donald Harington, Part 2
A film by Brian Walter
100 minutes
978-1-68226-009-8 (DVD)
December 2015



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What happens when a sprightly divorcée school teacher writes a fan letter to a lonely, depressed novelist? Will this improbable new muse somehow save his life and help him revive his career?

In this sequel to Stay More: The World of Donald Harington (2013), Arkansawyer Donald Harington tells how the fateful letter from his future wife, Kim, helped inspire the “quirkiest, most original body of work in contemporary U. S. letters” (Boston Globe). The course of true love never did run less smooth — or more funny—through creative (and rejected) marriage proposals, anniversary tricks, book collaborations, life-threatening illnesses, and a series of boldly and playfully experimental novels that pushed the boundaries of American literature. Tampering eagerly with history (just never with fiction!), the Nabokov of the Ozarks spins a yarn worthy of his novels, his beloved Fate Thing peopling his own life with lovers and liars, despairs and delights that even he could hardly have dreamed up. (100 minutes)

With almost half-an-hour of bonus material:
—Chau, Stay More (trailer, with music by Cortango Orquesta; 3:17)
—New Appreciation (unused scene; 0:21)
—Brilliant Paper on Degas (alternate version; 1:04)
—Purely in Jest (Donald Harington interviews director Brian Walter; 12:10)
—Dawny in the Future Tense (Director Brian Walter reads his tribute story at Harington’s 2009 memorial service; 13:18)

Brian Walter is Associate Professor of English & Director of Convocations at St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

Distributed for Brian Walter Productions.

Farther Along is available to buy or rent on Vimeo.

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