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Inclined to Speak
An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry
Edited by Hayan Charara

Poems by Barbara Helfgott Hyett

Now You’re the Enemy
Poems by James Allen Hall

During Wind and Rain
The Jones Family Farm in the Arkansas Delta 1848–2006
Margaret Jones Bolsterli

Guide to Missouri Confederate Units, 1861–1865
James E. McGhee

Adventures in the Wild
Tales from Biologists of the Natural State
Edited by Joy Trauth and Aldemaro Romero

With All Deliberate Speed
Implementing Brown v. Board of Education
Edited by Brian J. Daugherity and Charles C. Bolton

An Epitaph for Little Rock
A Fiftieth Anniversary Retrospective
on the Central High Crisis

Edited by John A. Kirk


Turn Away Thy Son
Little Rock, The Crisis that Shocked the Nation
Elizabeth Jacoway


Reading with Oprah
The Book Club that Changed America, 2nd Edition
Kathleen Rooney


Up Against the Wall
Violence in the Making and Unmaking
of the Black Panther Party

Curtis J. Austin


Out of the Shadows
A Biographical History of African American Athletes
Edited by David K. Wiggins

From Slavery to Wealth
The Life of Scott Bond
Dan A. Rudd and Theo Bond
*Distributed for Phoenix International*

Race Relations in the Natural State
Grif Stockley
*Distributed for the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies *

An Arkansas History for Young People
Fourth Edition
Shay E. Hopper, T. Harri Baker, and Jane Browning



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