Getting Used to Being Shot At
The Spence Family Civil War Letters
Mark Christ

Poignant story of two Confederate soldiers from Arkansas

Composed of over fifty letters around two Confederate brothers reporting from campaigns in Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia, this book “will interest anyone wishing to read about the history of the Confederate Army of Tennessee or about the life of the common soldier during the Civil War.”
Civil War Book Review

“These letters offer the rare perspective of soldiers from the Trans-Mississippi. . . . A valuable addition to the literature on the war in the West.”
North and South

“An important addition to the growing body of primary sources for the Civil War era. . . . Were the Spence brothers obscure figures in history? Yes, but this edition provides scholars with important new resources from the era to inspire new research.”

Mark Christ is community outreach director for the Arkansas Preservation Program and lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is the author or editor of a number of books, including Rugged and Sublime: The Civil War in Arkansas (University of Arkansas Press) and The Die Is Cast: Arkansas Goes to War, 1861.


6 x 9, 248 pages, 26 photographs
$24.95 (s) paper
ISBN 978-1-55728-939-1