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William Gilmore Simms

A Sequel to The Forayers,
or The Raid of the Dog Days

William Gilmore Simms
Edited by David W. Newton

Eutaw was a sequel to his very successful 1855 novel, The Forayers, and thus completed the most comprehensive saga of the war in our literary history. It focuses on the battle of Eutaw Springs in 1781, which ended British domination of South Carolina. (more …)

Martin Faber
The Story of a Criminal with “Confessions of a Murder”

William Gilmore Simms
Edited by John Caldwell Guilds

New edition of the acclaimed Southern writer’s first novel

Simms’s career began with a short novel, Martin Faber, published in 1833.

Narrated in the first person, it is considered a pioneering examination of criminal psychology. Martin seduces then murders Emily so that he might marry another woman, Constance. Martin confesses to his friend and is killed after attempting to stab Constance . . . (more …)

$34.95 (s) Paper
ISBN-10: 1-55728-810-0

The Cassique of Kiawah
A Colonial Romance
Selected Fiction of William Gilmore Simms
Arkansas Edition

Edited with an Afterword, Historical and Textual Commentary, and Notes by Kevin Collins

The Cassique of Kiawah is a history through fiction of early Charleston, South Carolina, and completed Simms’s series of Revolutionary War novels. Through satire and realism he portrays the charm and the corruption of late seventeenth-century Charleston society, and he contrasts the quiet majesty of the wilderness with the violence of man. (more …)

2003, 600 pages
$34.95 paper (s), 1-55728-762-7

The Forayers
or The Raid of the Dog Days
Selected Fiction of William Gilmore Simms
Arkansas Edition

Edited with an Afterword, Historical and Textual Commentary, and Notes by David W. Newton
Introduction by John Caldwell Guilds, Series Editor

The Forayers, which was the sixth book in his series of eight Revolutionary War novels set in the South, describes events around Orangeburg, South Carolina, before the Battle of Eutaw Springs (itself covered in this novel's sequel, Eutaw). (more …)

"The best novelist which this country has, on the whole, produced."

—Edgar Allan Poe, Broadway Journal, September 20, 1845

2003, 560 pages
$34.95, paper
(s) 1-55728-741-4

The Wigwam and the Cabin
The Arkansas Edition

William Gilmore Simms
Editied and with an Introduction by John Caldwell Guilds

One of the most important volumes of short fiction published before the Civil War. The Wigwam and the Cabin represents William Gilmore Simms at his very best. It is the work that led Poe to say of Simms, ". . . in invention, in vigor, in movement, in the power of exciting interest, and in the artistical management of his themes, he has surpassed, we think, any of his countrymen." (more …)

2000, 376 pages, 2 illustrations
$34.95 paper (s), 1-55728-624-8

Poetry and the Practical

William Gilmore Simms
Edited and with an Introduction and Notes by James Everett Kibler Jr.

"All thanks to James Kibler for rescuing William Gilmore Simms's gorgeous bombardment of Romantic sensibility! If Poe was the South's great literary analyst, Simms was its great literary orator. The language here is as heady as an ancient port wine."

—Fred Chappell

1996, 168 pages
$19.95 paper (s)
978-1-55728-540-9 | 1-55728-540-3

The Yemassee
A Romance of Carolina

William Gilmore Simms
Edited by John Caldwell Guilds

Viewed from today's perspective, The Yemassee dramatically and unflinchingly bares the manipulation, exploitation, and eventual genocide of a proud indigenous nation that preferred extinction to the surrender of its land and the subjugation of its people.

1993, 504 pages
$49.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-302-8

Guy Rivers
A Tale of Georgia

William Gilmore Simms
Edited by John Caldwell Guilds

The first of William Gilmore Simms's Border Romance series, this is a vividly accurate and entertaining account of two very different societies in frontier Georgia during the height of the gold-rush era.

1993, 544 pages
$49.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-274-9

Helen Halsey, or The Swamp State of Conelachita
A Tale of the Borders

William Gilmore Simms
Edited by John Caldwell Guilds

In this novelette, William Gilmore Simms records one of the awful realities of America's early frontier, that of women trapped in ill-fated marriages. Forced into a union with her lover, Helen Halsey is exploited and victimized in a domestic situation from which there is no release.Utilizing the compression of the short novel form, Simms weaves elaborate plot lines of violence, romance, and intrigue to create a fast-moving, action-packed tale of an America just beginning its search for identity, justice, and spiritual truth. Edgar Allan Poe said of Simms that "in invention, in vigor, in movement, in the power of exciting interest, and in the artistical arrangement of his themes," he surpassed "any of his countrymen."

$37.95 cloth (s)
978-1-55728-514-0 | 1-55728-514-4

Richard Hurdis
A Tale of Alabama

William Gilmore Simms
Edited by John Caldwell Guilds

Originally published in 1838, Richard Hurdis portrays the "wild and savage" southwest frontier of the new Republic in the 1820s and 30s. When the narrator/protagonist Richard Hurdis daringly infiltrates the criminal network in an effort the stem the corruption and to avenge the brutal murder of his best friend, the scene is set for a powerful story. In Richard Hurdis, Simms the historian, the realist, and the novelist merge to create a memorable book.

1995, 432 pages
$40.00 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-334-4 | 1-55728-334-6
$34.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-347-4 | 1-55728-347-8

Border Beagles
A Tale of Mississippi

William Gilmore Simms
Edited by John Caldwell Guilds

With its rich variety of major and minor characters, speaking the language and reflecting the mores of the frontier, Border Beagles emerged upon the American literary scene in 1840 with a freshness and a vitality that mark the best of the realistic and humorous Southern tradition.

$55.00 cloth (s), 1-55728-402-4

The Cub of the Panther
A Hunter Legend of the "Old North State"

William Gilmore Simms
Edited by Miriam Jones Shillingsburg

The Cub of the Panther shows Simms grappling with postwar society and norms while masterfully capturing the manners, the folklore, and the violence of the new settlement in the North Carolina mountains.

$39.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-459-8

"Long Years of Neglect"
The Work and Reputation of William Gilmore Simms

Edited by John Caldwell Guilds

". . . Simms' neglect, if such it is, reflects more than an accidental overlooking of one writer. It reflects a particular partisan heritage of ideological, not literary, judgments which possibly ought to be exposed and reexamined."


1988, 265 pages
$32.50 cloth (s), 1-55728-028-2

A Literary Life

John Caldwell Guilds

"This excellent study is bound to change the way we look at Simms and make it impossible for scholars of American literature to deny him status as a major literary figure. Guilds provides indisputable proof of Simms's significance as an artist—and of his artistry in poetry, novel, and short story. It is high time such a book appeared!"

—James E. Kibler
editor of Selected Poems of William Gilmore Simms

1993 "Best Book" of South Carolina History, SCHA
1993 SCMLA Book Award
Choice's 1993 Outstanding Academic Book List

1992, 456 pages
$34.95 paper (s)
978-1-55728-378-8 | 1-55728-378-8


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