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Readings in Arkansas Politics and Government

Edited by Janine A. Parry and Richard P. Wang
Foreword by David Pryor

Published Date: June 1, 2009

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432 Pages, index
6" x 9"

About this book

“[This is] a major contribution to the study and practice of Arkansas government by retaining key readings from past collections while exposing us to just how many changes the state’s politics have undergone in just a decade’s time. . . . Destined to become one of the major cornerstones of study and practical application within the sphere of the Arkansas political system.”

—David Pryor, From the Foreword


Readings in Arkansas Politics and Government brings together in one volume some of the best available scholarly research, both new and not so new, on a wide range of topics and issues of interest to students of politics and government in the Natural State. The twenty-one articles are arranged in four sections, ranging from the state’s socioeconomic and political context to the workings of its policymaking institutions and the key policy puzzles facing the state in the early twenty-first century.


Some of the topics covered include demographics, legislation, issues of church and state, the role of African Americans in the legislature, term limits, constitutional reform, civil rights, and education reform. Ideal for use in introductory and advanced undergraduate courses, the book will also appeal to lawmakers, administrators, journalists, and those interested in how politics and government work in the state.

About the editors

Janine A. Parry is associate professor of political science at the University of Arkansas.


Richard P. Wang is associate professor of political science at Arkansas State University and coeditor of Arkansas Politics: A Reader.


David Pryor is a former governor and U.S. senator for Arkansas and the author of A Pryor Commitment.

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